20 Stunning Super Moon Shots

Supermoon over the Neuse (Explored)

May 2012 Supermoon over Vancouver...DSC_0962

Moon emerged from thick haze.


Full moon over Øresundsbroen (super moon)

Fly me around the SuperMoon

Photo of the Supermoon rise at the Nature park and recreation area het Twiske located northwest of Amsterdam.

Super Moonrise Over Golden Gate Bridge San Francisco May 5 2012

This time the plan wasn’t perfect that I can’t align the moon with Golden Gate Bridge 🙂


The supermoon, the closest and largest to Earth in about 30 years, rises behind the Grand Marais, Minnesota lighthouse.

Moonrise / Mondaufgang - explored

| Super Moon Over NYC |

Another shot from last night’s super moon event. Again, I ended up taking two shots, one exposing for the moon, and another exposing for the foreground and then merging the two in CS5.


Moonrise Super Moon 19.03.2011

Super Moon Superimposed on Seattle

I photographed the Super Moon and superimposed it on Seattle’s skyline. Each was shot from the same location a few minutes apart.

Super Moon with Taipei 101

May 6, 2012 features the closest and largest full moon of this year!!

Super Moon 2012

Moonrise over the BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Temple outside Atlanta, Georgia.

Perigee Full Moon

SuperMoon rising at our Dutch glory

Y nos dijeron que la luna era grande..

Super Moon Over Cocoa Beach Pier in HDR

As big as that dude

Supermoon over my house

Brilliant pictures, weren’t they? Note that some of them were created with multiple photos superimposed like the super moon with city skyline etc.

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