Snow Monkeys of Japan

Snow Monkeys are a native of Japan living mostly in snow falling locations. They are also known as Japanese macaques (means Japanese Monkeys). They have a short tail, red face and brown to grey hair. Due to the cold weather they live in, they love to visit hot springs for warming up. It is interesting to watch them bathing as a group in the hot springs and playing with snow balls for fun.

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Monkey Stare

Love x Love part.2 [baby monkeys]

Portrait [Snow monkeys 16]

Wake up mom, open eyes !! [Snow monkeys 20]

Peace of mind [Snow monkeys 21]

He is having a bath [Snow monkeys 15]

Baby snow monkeys


Sleeping Snow Monkeys

Let's go!

Big yawn

Mother and Baby

Snow Monkeys, Japan

Loving my kids

macaque mother

Nihon zaru (Japanese monkey)

Baby motion


Escape while holding a snowball

Baby Torako


Mother and Baby



Stick out your tongue


My dear daughter,Torako.  What is she watching?


Is that really me in the lens?

Snow monkeys

Japanese Macaque (Snow Monkey) - Yudanaka

Snow monkeys 11


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