Rare Pictures of WTC Twin Towers prior to September 11 Attacks

September 11, 2001 was the worst day ever. The day witnessed extremems of terrorism that lead to the death of 3000 people in the United States (USA). Two passenger aircrafts were hijacked and crashed into the twin towers of World Trade Center (WTC) in Manhattan, New York city. Today we show you very rare pictures of the WTC Twin Towers as they appeared before they were destroyed. The pictures also include the tribute lights setup post the incident in memory of the towers.
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New York (1982) - Twin Towers

Golden WTC
wtc from nj sunset
The Twin Towers from the Empire State Building
1995 New York Twin Towers World Trade Centre Center
Standing Tall and Proud
Hereafter (World Trade Center), NYC [Film Scan]
From the Staten Island ferry, April 2000
World Trade Center - South Tower
world trade center
World Trade Center, New York
We will remember.........World Trade Center- August 2001
Brothers in Arms
WTC pre WFC 1984 from boat Hudson NYC
statue of liberty and the New York City Skyline
WTC & Double Yellow
Tribute In Light - NYC September 11, 2007
manhattan memorial lights
New York City - Remembered

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