Pictures of Angkor Wat Temples in Cambodia

The temple of Angkor Wat in Cambodia was constructed by Suryavarma II of the Khmer civilization in the 12 century. The most famous are the Temple of Angkor Wat and, at Angkor Thom, the Bayon Temple with its countless sculptural decorations. Angkor Wat has become a major tourist destination in the recent decades. Today we show you best pictures of Angkor Wat temple ruins.
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Angkor Wat Sunset HDR 3

Sunrise Discovery of Angkor Wat
The Zen Peace in Your Mind
The Guardian of Enlightenment
The Crypt at Sunset
Evening Storm Approaches the Temple
The Ancient Library
A Blindingly Beautful Sunrise
Looking Both Ways
Shiva in the Light
The Timelessness of Angkor Wat
The Treasured Shrine
Leper King Relief
Phnom Bakheng
Nature Always Wins In The End
angkor wat
DGJ_2654B - Outside Enclosure Entrance
Peace at his feet
Doors to Heaven
Jewel of Khmer Art
Hidden Gods
The Cambodian Mecca
Shiva Lingam
the ancient city has awoken
Angkor Wat, Cambodia

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