People in the Air Pictures

Want to try creative photography? Here is a good idea to photography people above the ground. You can ask the subject to jump into the air and use continuous shooting mode of your camera to capture that perfect frame. Don’t worry if you cannot make it the first time, just a little practice will get you the skill.


Who Wants It the Most

Beach Fighters



Jumping in the Beach / Saltando en la Playa

a tribute to all who helped make this day wonderful!

Jumping into the new dimension

Artista no nosso convívio



"Just enough flight!"

A Dancer's Story

Lauren - Test Jump

...and they jump again

I'll touch my shadow...

We're free, we're free..


Happy Friday!



¤ Hiroshima my love

Jump Into The Dark

jump 2

morning jump

Hope you enjoyed watching these wonderful pictures of people in the air. Please this lovely stuff share with your friends and family too.

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