Interesting Minimal Composition Pictures

In photography minimal composition refers to focusing on single subject that stays in contrast with rest of the frame. Photography being a free art form, it all depends on the photographer’s own interpreation of what is minimalism. Enjoy these interesting minimal composition pictures.

Clicking on the image will open high resolution picture where available.

When is Red not Red?

anthony & the johnsons:knockin' on heaven's door

yael naim:new soul

julie collings:simple things

Single Tank Stairway


rolling stones

Get me out of here

David and Goliath


Pared naranja

lamplit dusk

Blue Black White

out of the blue

take a walk on the white side

Sky Rise

white holes have no hair either



3x2 window in a 3x2 frame

garage band


red hydrant on green slope

...   ·/   ...

La città dei fiori

In the Sea of Green

What time is love?

Total Least Square

H I G H & D R Y

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