15 Amazing Gecko Pictures

Hallo Gecko!

Don’t I look like a Beautiful Gecko?


Gecko (explored)

Miss You!

Gold Dust Day Gecko (Phelsuma laticauda laticauda)

Hundreds of these beautiful Day Geckos keep our household insect population down.


A shot of the rare Hawaiian Green Seal, ha ha just kidding.


I am a Gecko and I live in Namib Desert in Namibia. My home is a burrow in the deep sand. I spend the day there because it is too hot outside. I come out during the night and go hunting. I love insects. They are yummy!

Uroplatus fimbriatus - Giant Leaf-tailed Gecko

Uroplatus is a genus of geckos that are endemic to Madagascar, and found nowhere else on earth.

Gecko Licker

Dancing Gecko

Giant Cave Gecko on the other side of the glass, taken at Taronga Zoo.

evil eyes [EXPLORE]

palmato gecko

Madagascar day gecko on the leaf

Madagascar Day Gecko

Smile #2

Strophurus taenicauda

Golden-tailed Gecko

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