Best Bird Pictures from 2011

Bird Photography is one of the popular photography genres. With so many kinds of beautiful birds living in this world, bird photography offers good opportunities to capture beautiful bird pictures. Popular bird pictures are of scenes like hunting fish, plucking fruits, mother feeding baby birds, flying with wings wide open etc. Hope you thoroughly enjoy this best collection of bird pictures.

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Cici Red Bird / Golden-headed Cisticola / Fascistic Exilis

No you don't .... ! EXPLORE

Adult bird grabs a juvenile by the tail !

Osprey with Goldfish I [Explored]

An Osprey in flight with the goldfish fish he just caught at Blair Pond Park, Kelowna, BC, Canada.

Reason For Smiling

Female least bittern and menhaden on Horsepen Bayou, Pasadena, Texas.

Seemingly Surreal Swallows in a Spring Snowstorm

Though it was an exceptionally cold winter and spring, a snowstorm in Mid-may is unheard of here. Unfortunately, a large group of recently-arrived migrating Tree Swallows got caught in the storm and had to hunker down on the tree branches overlooking the Yukon River, and wait it out.

#6 白耳舌桐 (On the Tip of the Tongue)

The mountain valley appears to be washed by nature. It was a truly gift from great nature that we were able to capture this unique color palette.

Oooo...Don't Eat My Face

Location : Jakarta – Indonesia


It’s a hard life being a parent. Hoopoe flying in and out of burrow where the chicks want more and more 🙂

(#169) Most Elegant of Ducks

this male NORTHERN PINTAIL DUCK have long neck, sleek body and narrow wings that make them swift, expert fliers.- Ducks unlimited. (Main image taken in Ontario)

Mommy Is Coming...

Mother bird feed the children, taken in Jakarta Indonesia


A great grey heron powering up the River Dodder in Dublin.

#710 鳳鷗拔浪 Strength & Beauty

Creasted Tern, Creasted Tern, taken at Dasi-Fishery-Harbor, E-land County, TAIWAN

Harris Hawk in flight Canon 7D

This image was captured at the Birds of Prey refuge at the Edersee Wild Life reserve.

#686 高蹺映覓 All Busy Busy!

Black-Winged Stilt, taken at Dayuan,Taoyuan County, TAIWAN.

Baby Black Skimmer "I think I can fly" (Explore)

Baby Black Skimmer (Rynchops niger) “I think I can fly”

London Heathrow

Carmine Bee Eaters, South Luangwa, Zambia

The Bug catcher!

Reed Warbler

sandeels with bird [Explored]

puffin with mouth full of food

Bird-In-Flight Photography taken while laying down [Explored #199 May 24th, 2011]

Black Skimmer

Swan heart

A swan feeding in the Grand Canal, Dublin.

Flying Puffin with Catch

20110201-0429 Short Eared Owl

Short Eared Owls fighting

Eagle in Flight_1


great-horned owl

great-horned owl flew into a tree near Lake Kissimmee in Central Florida.

Hungry {Explored}

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