Smoke Art Photography

Smoke Art photography is famous for the beautiful Abstract forms it produces. There are various techniques to add color to it as well as play with them to produce identifiable shapes. Today we present you some of the best smoke art photography out there.
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Smoke Art #1 - Layers of Silk
Sand Dune Melting into Red Wine
Smokey rainbow
Face Off (Smoke 11)
The Light
Neon Smoke
Curls of Smoke
Smoke Art - Twizzler
The Dancer
IMG_6005 v2
Smoke and Mirrors 6
dancing colors
Rat-Punching in Smoke?
I Love Playing With Fire
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  1. These are all unique shots. Creativity has no limitations. Inspired by such uniqueness of this kind of art form, I have just beginning to experiment. I have been learning a lot from the net and thankful to those who share the technique. My recent shots are displayed in my website I would be bringing in more variety. I personally believe this art form can have more variation with use of photoshop.
    I would also like to share that I do practice another form of abstract photography i.e. water drop or water splash photography. I have even developed a complete kit to facilitate this art form. Samples shots are also displayed in my website. Thanks.

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