Beautiful Pictures of Leaves in variety of Shapes and Colors

When we think of color green the first things that comes into our mind are Leaves. They capture Sun’s energy and help the growth of the plant or tree. Depending on its age a Leaf can have different colors. Some trees in certain regions of the world produce more colorful leaves during seasons like Autumn. Today we show you some beutiful leaf pictures that you will enjoy watching.
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3 fern leaves

coldplay:a message
Fall Fireworks
The heart of nature...
my heart for you, my Flickr friends .....
Japanese Maple Leaf Autumn
Banana Leaf Spiral I
R-A-D #133 5/18/2010 "Fallen Leaf"
Leaves of Winter
Leaf Pair, Fullerton Arboretum
Leaf on a car
Those are some best photos of leaves. Next time when you see a plant or tree, make sure to enjoy the real beauty of its leaves.

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