Beautiful Pictures of Highway Interchanges

An interchange is a road junction that typically uses grade separation, and one or more ramps, to permit traffic on at least one highway to pass through the junction without directly crossing any other traffic stream. Today enjoy the beautiful pictures of Freeways and Highway Interchanges.

Clicking on the image will open high resolution picture where available.

Shanghai, Yanan east interchange

Highway 401/DVP Interchange

Phoenix interchange


Kite Over the High Five Interchange

Choices and the beginning of the Great Flatness



Ramps 18

Traffic trails of interchange 國道3號-台中系統交流道,清水交流道

Chicago Circle Interchange - From the top of the Sears Tower

Ramps 19

PCH at the 710

Shanghai, Yanan east interchange

Highway Interchange - Tokyo - Japan 9


DNT at PGBT Acronymland

Trois-Rivières : Échangeur 55/40 Ouest

City interchange


Passing Over the Overpass

US 52 and Koch Refinery

half clover

Road construction coming

Bécancour : Échangeur 30/55

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