Beautiful Pictures of Lotus Flowers

Lotuses are beautiful flowers that grow in water. They are seen in White and Pink shades. Lotus flowers also have high spiritual significance in religions like Hindu and Buddhism. Lotus flowers, petals and leaves are used in floral decorations. Today we show you best pictures of Lotus Flowers and Lotus Buds.
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lotus petals on black

lotus from the overhead
moment of flowering
White early stage of blossom
flowering lotus
Lotus series XX
passionate lotus inside
lotus root 2
Macro image
Morning capture
breaking bud
Rain on Me
Happy Blooming!
Color in the cloudy day
Growing Up!
Oh! Pink!!!
Bright capture
Lotus in Green
you can't see the same flower twice ...
HBW with Lotus in the morning!
lotus bud like a peach
Lotus in rain
Lotus Bud
Lotus macro
In sunlight

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