Beautiful Omega Sunrise and Sunset Pictures

Omega Sunrise or Omega Sunset is a beautiful natural occurrence to watch. As the Sun eases above the horizon (in the case of sunrises) its inferior mirage appears below and seems to reach upwards and join the Sun, creating the classic omega shape. Same applies when the Sunset happens. Enjoy these beautiful Omega Sun pictures.

Clicking on the image will open high resolution picture where available.

Omega Sunrise 2011

Omega Sunrise

Red Flash

Melting Sun

Omega Sunrise

Outer Banks Sunset Mushroom Cloud

the sun also sets

If it were only a mirage


sun "melting" into the sea

Sun melts into the sea!

Melting into the Herizon

melting sun

Melting into the Horizon

Melting Sun


Sunset near Rhodes


Formentara, Balearic Islands

Evening Sky

Omega Sun inferior mirage

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