Beautiful Long Exposure Water Pictures

Water is one of the root elements for our existence. Water takes beautiful forms depending on where it is. As a rain, as a stream, as a ocean, as a fall… One of the beautiful techniques in capturing water is by long exposing the shot. When long exposed the water appears very silky and serene. Today we show you some of the best long exposed pictures of water and hope you enjoy as much as we did watching them.
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From the deep (Explored)

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Mahon Pool, Maroubra, Australia
Loch Turret
Weathering The Storm - Davenport, California
ocean stone sunrise
eye of the ocean
stormy stone beach
Roadside River - Icelandic Style
Posts !
Blue Rocks at Dunstanburgh Castle
Another Water-"FALL."
Une touche d'orange..... {EXPLORED}

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