Beautiful Bride Pictures in Weddings

What is the real attraction in a Wedding? Many say it is the Bride. She wears a special dress and lovely ornaments on the wedding day. Her expressions are so precious on that special day. So today we show you some of the best Bride Photos from weddings that you will love to see and enjoy.

Bride with a Smile Behind the Veil
Smile christmas
Kim Bridal ~ Bride in the Alley
Mrs. Rocky Mountain Way
Cassie ~ Wedding Shot ~ Middle of the Isle
Bride at Low Tide
Moore & Cruz:  Weddings
Portrait of Janelle
Where is the bridegroom...!
Japanese Shinto bride : Osaka, Japan / Japón
Bride in Ruins
Lam Bao Nhu 5
Bewitched and bewildered
This is a creature on fire with love, but it's still scary since most people think love only looks like one thing, instead of the whole world.
Roberta & Jonas 4
dreams are colorful...
Pengantin Baru
A fairytale wedding!
Bride just after having been married - India
Wishful Thinking
We are sure you enjoyed these hand picked compilation of beautiful Bridal Pictures from around the world. Do let us know how you liked this post and what you look forward to see in our future posts.

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