Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) Pictures

Aurora Borealis aka Northern Lights are a natural phenomemon that occur close to Northern Polar regions like Arctic. They also occur near Southern Polar region like Antarctic and are known as Aurora Australis. They occur due to the collision of charged particles from Sun with Earth’s magnetic field which is more strong near the polar regions. The Auroras are so beautiful to watch and photograph. Today we show you some best photos of Auroras that will ignite the desire in you to see them in real.
kiruna aurora

Northern Lights over Luleå [Explored - thank you!]
Aurora Explosion - Þingvellir, Iceland
Ice & Aurora - Jökulsárlón
Shooting the Aurora
Straumur Aurora
Skywatching Pinetrees
Milky Mirror
V-Shaped Aurora - Northern Lights at Reykjanes, Iceland
Glacier Aurora - Jökulsárlón
Garðskagaviti Aurora
Calm Ocean
Child of the World
Aurora Reflected
Burning Bush
Big Green Eye
Aurora Beach
Dance of the Spirits - Jokulsarlon, Iceland
Amazing Grace
Alaskan Aurora
Southern Lights
Frozen water
Hope you enjoyed those beautiful Dances of the Spirits as some call the Auroras 🙂

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