Amazing and Colorful HDR Photos

HDR stands for High Dynamic Range. Ideally HDR pictures are supposed to show more colors that otherwise miss in a normal picture. But to see the vast gamut of colors in HDR pictures one should have a monitor that supports the range of colors. Over a time HDR pictures evolved into surrealistic imagery. Most HDR pictures do not look Natural but offer very interesting results. Today we show you some of the best HDR photos with examples from Landscapes to Bridges to Architecture.
Clicking on the picture will open its higher resolution version.
The Baha'i Temple at Blue Hour

I've reached the end of the world
Santa María del Mar, Barcelona (Spain) HDR
Glass Palace
St Bridget's church
The hole
The Magic of Disney
la nebbia di settembre
Storming over Two Trees
Ice Skating at Rockefeller Center
Bohol Beach Club
A Sunset on a Texas Farm
Disney - Expedition Everest HDR (Explored)
Flickr crisis
Canberra Lake Sunset
Colored lake
Ghost in the Cathedral
The Roman Gladiators of Gaul
The Gothic Study - The Private Library of William Randolph Hearst
Manhattan Beach Pier Sunset
Manhattan Beach Pier Sunset
Crossing the November Sky
The Bombing of Dresden
Two people visit Butchart Gardens on a cloudy day and stand motionless long enough for a 5x HDR
I-280 Mississippi Bridge (Explored)
The Lost Hindu Temple in the Jungle Mist
Golden Gate HDR
Shores on the road to Hope
Farewell India - The Taj Mahal
Hope you enjoyed them. Share the joy with friends and family.

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