41 Lovely Rose Pictures

Lovely Roses are used to convey feelings, emotions and messages. Different colors of roses are used for specific occasions. For example Red Roses are the symbol of love and romance. They are perfectly suited to convey your feelings for your someone special. The Pink Roses convey happiness and joyfulness and are suited for most occasions. Yellow Roses are a symbol for true friendship. White Roses are used in occasions of new beginnings like wedding and such.

Enjoy this amazing collection of Lovely Rose Pictures.

Indoor Petal Play

Valentine daydream

For you

Rose Close Up


On a rainy day


A rose by any other name

Maui Rose 1 - Kula, Maui

Joanna's rose


rouge de nuit


just. could. not. help. myself

Rose HDR2

Purple wave

Into the Red


coeur de rose

Are roses old-fashioned?

coeur de rose

rose et blanc

The rabbit hole

Pink rose on black

Rose Water


Yellow Rose

The bloom is off the roses...

Pink and Yellow Rose


Red rose


1/365 (1/1)

Coral Rose 0008


Pink Rose 5

Jesus, the Rose of Sharon

Pink Rose

Valentine's Rose-0778

~found pink petals...today~



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  4. My favourite flower.I love this flower very much.The colour and picture of this flower attractcs me very much.

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