25 Beautiful Pictures of Sheep

Sheep are horned mammals. Sheep are raised for Wool, meat and milk. Sheep produce the majority of Wool (animal fiber) in the world. Wool and horns make the Sheep look beautiful. Sighting of Sheep as a flock is most common in the villages and mountain ranges. Today we show you beautiful pictures of Sheep in singles and in herds.
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woolies in wyoming: hasselblad study #6
Tough and adaptable Scottish blackface
Retrato campeiro
The Royal Sheep - Rhönschaf
This is what I think about you taking my picture...lol..:O))
That's a BIG Noise from a Lil lamb..:O)))
Cool Runnings - Jamaican Bobsled Team
The Silence Of The Lambs
Rasta Ram
posing for all flickr friends
dugal of the sheep world
Sheep Purple
I woolly love ewe!
Do you remember the spring..........
Jump For Joy ... It's Spring
The Sheep, and we Twitter Sheep can follow these 10 great photographers!
Seeing double....
What is she doing to us?
Poppies and Sheep
Spring Lamb at Sunset

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