25 Beautiful Images of Backlit Flowers

Backlit Flowers are amazingly beautiful. In backlit flower photography light is allowed to fall on the flower from other sides than from the camera side. Visually we can feel the light penetrating through the flower petals. This technique makes the flowers look more vibrant and as if the flowers are emitting energy. Have the pleasure of watching 25 beautifully backlit flowers images in this post.

Backlit flower

Sutter's Fort Poppy


Backlit Rose

Backlit Chrysanthemum

Green against Yellow


backlit dahlia

backlit dandelion

backlit calla

Backlit Sunflower

backlit amaryllis

Tulip backlit

Backlit Pink Poppy

Backlit Cosmos

Backlit Anemone hepatica

Electric Orange Bugaloo!

backlit Bouganvilla

Purple Bells backlit

backlit dandelion

Backlit Hydrangia

backlit poppy

backlit tulip

Looking Up

backlit Bird of Paradise flower

Clicking on the image will take you to the original high resolution image as available. Kindly let us know how much you liked these pictures.

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