25 Beautiful Bokeh Pictures

Bokeh in photography terms means out of focus light. It is also called as circles of light. Bokeh Pictures look very beautiful due to the pleasant effects of bokeh perceived by human eye. Bokeh is not just limited to circular or oval shapes. There are photography techniques developed to create bokeh in heart shape, stars shape and just any other shape one wants. Apart from being a beautiful subject by itself, Bokeh works as an excellent backdrop for portrait photography and still photography. Enjoy these beautiful bokeh pictures.

The magic of Christmas bokeh

Apr, 12th (4/4) - Bonus Track ;)

Romantic Sunset


my love for bokeh

Drink today and drown all sorrow

Day 49 Of 365 Project


blue hour

Christmas Light Bokeh

On the Way

TIME FLIES.....................*

A golden opportunity

Sounds Like a Bokeh to Me!

Today's bokeh is brought to you by Anagram Foil Balloons, currently helping my other half to remember how old she is !

On a path to 2009...


Love is on the ground.

Lost in Bokeh Part 2 - Lovers

When you are going to SanFrancisco, be sure to wear a raincoat!

Day One Hundred Twelve

Succulent flower........

Autumn rain

Have a Very Bokeh Christmas

Bokeh Blind Spot Check

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