21 Beautiful Fungi Pictures

Fungi or Fungus are a beautiful subject for macro photography. Fungus are a wide range of organisms from single cell to multi cell bodies and shapes. Most beautiful forms of Fungus are mushrooms that are usually seen on wet and decomposing organic matter. Enjoy the beautiful Fungus Pictures from the Fungi kingdom.

Tiny and Translucent Fungi

Fungi. Opposites Attract

Tiny fungi trio

Fungi, Little beacon of light

Fungi, Fly Agaric (Amanita muscaria)

Fungi, Hey, I'm a fun-guy too !

Fungi, Sunday Best


we are fungi family

Fungi, Calocybe gambosa (St George's Mushroom) 9430

Fungi, Golden panther.

Fungi, Little glimmer of light

Fungi, toadstools in wet grass

This little light of mine ... Fungi

Luminous fungi 3

fungi contre jour


Tres Sombreros fungi

fungi, early in the morning

fungi, Fairy Parasol

Fungi Catching the light

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