20 Best Pictures of Lightnings

Lightnings usually occur during stormy weather due to electrostatic discharges by clouds. It is unbelievable to know that millions of Lightning storms occur every year in the world. They also help plant life indirectly by creation of nitric oxide. Today we show you most beautiful pictures of Lightnings from different places in the world.
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Beside the lake of my soul, I stand
Extreme Ways
~ Single Double Strike ~
Gewitter am Lago Peten
Lightning off South Beach
Lightning in Campinas (more photos on comments)
Two Pronged Strike
Sturla beach rainin' lightnin'
A Light Show/Explore Front Page
quite the en-lightning evening
Touched by the Sky
Electrical storm over Brisbane
Bolts Of Lightning
Right Now
How to Remember a Storm
[mb] Lightning - 08/04/2008
Waldo County Storms; Waldo County, Maine (Explored!)

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