20 Beautiful Pictures of Light Streaks

It is interesting to watch the colorful lamps of vehicles in motion during the nights. Any attempt to take pictures will create some interesting light streaks caused by the moving vehicles. Today we show you beautiful pictures of Light Streaks (lines of lights) caused by vehicles in motion.
Clicking on the picture will open its higher resolution version where available.

Light Speed Wonderland
Speed! - San Francisco - Oakland Bay Bridge
Zipping Through Tokyo
Light Streaks
Emergency Lights
Times Square
30 Second Exposure + 97 Minute Exposure to Boredom
Meet the Squiggles - EXPLORED FP
Race to the Buttes
Trip to Teacups
Fibre Optic (Full Duplex)
Beam Rider
Norwegian road @ Vikafjellet
London eye at night through a Bus
Lousy cell phone drivers
Freeway Flow
15th May - driving home from a night out
The Wormhole

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