20 Beautiful Pictures of Birds in Flight

Birds have the amazing ability of flying. Birds have inspired humans to invent Aircrafts. When birds spread their wings and fly they look so beautiful. Today we show you amazing pictures of Birds in Flight.
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Woo Hoo Hoo!
Herring Gull
The Egret And The Sun
Precision - GBH @ Centennial Lake, Columbia Maryland  2006
Crane Flight Diagonal
Canada Geese (Branta canadensis) in flight
EXPLORED !!! Red Kite Banking
Flying High....
Pelican Two Diving, Boynton Beach, Florida
Stork Taking 1 of 5
little egret
Seaside wanderer
Bird-In-Flight Photography taken while laying down [Explored #199 May 24th, 2011]
Arc of a Snowy Egret
Roseate spoonbill landing
Bateleur eagle flying west
Snowy Egret with Nesting Material
seagull in flight

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