16 Beautiful Portrait Pictures with Artificial Lighting

Light is everything in photography. It is the sheer ingredient to cook a good photograph. Use of artificial lighting (light not originated by Sun) is quite popular in making very catchy and stylish photos. It sometimes referred to as Studio light photography or even as Strobist shots (Strobes means studio lights). Today we show you wonderful pictures of people portraits with artificial lighting.
Clicking on the picture will open its higher resolution version where available.
Day 45: The Best things in life are Free... and a Nikon D3

upgrade the strobist way
Study in Blue
Autumn twilight
Thu, Oct 21st - Eulalie 4/5 - Coals, please...
Mirror Mirror on the wall....errr grass
Too Tall Grizzly (Broken English Records)
Arkady Viatchanin
The Portal!!
August 20th 2008 - Inspiration pt3
Paparazzi's with they cameras snapping them
Hello, my name is ..........
Day Fifty Eight
Self #4
The Strand Hair Salon

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