15 Amazing Sunrise Scenes

Watching a beautiful Sunrise will be a pleasant experience. Perfect Sunrise scenes are like the Sun coming out from the Ocean’s horizon or from behind mountains or through the clouds. Photographing Sun and especially during Sunrise times is so much fun for every landscape photographer.

We hope you will enjoy these beautiful pictures that were clicked at exotic locations.

Sunrise  by Bunnawath Photo (Bunnawath)

Narrabeen Sunrise by Noval Nugraha (Noval)

The mist of the sea by minseung ahn (rclead)

Freezing Creekbed by Bernie Zajac | AustralianLight (berniezajac)

Mesmerized by Beauty by Amir Ghasemi (amirg)

Day Break by Andrew Madden (apmadden)

sunrise @ Borobudur by Weerapong Chaipuck (Weera)

A peaceful morning by AtomicZen : ) (AtomicZen)

SURYA NAMASKARA (Sunrise above the Himalayas) by Anton Jankovoy (jankovoy)

4 a.m. by Sean Foo (seanfoo)

Thor's Hammer Sunrise by Alex Filatov (Filatov)

SURYA NAMASKAR by Anton Jankovoy (jankovoy)

Mesa Arch by Ian Civgin (IanCivgin)

Fire Zone !!! by Yannick Lefevre (Yannick_Lefevre)

I am nothing in the dark 2 by Viktoria Haack (islandtime)

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