15 Amazing Gecko Pictures

beautiful green gecko

Don’t I look like a Beautiful Gecko? Hundreds of these beautiful Day Geckos keep our household insect population down. A shot of the rare Hawaiian Green Seal, ha ha just kidding. I am a Gecko…

15 Lovely Tulip Fields Pictures

field of pink tulips

Sea of tulips captured at Egmond aan den Hoef, North-Holland, Netherlands. Tulip fields just outside Alkmaar, North-Holland, Netherlands. Must be at least one colour of your liking. Decided at the last minute to head out…

15 Beautiful Countryside Pictures

Countryside of Iceland

Beautiful pictures of the countryside. Each picture speaks itself and those are taken in vivid colors during different times of the day. Sure they make you fall in love with the countryside and make you…

Blooming Red Rose [video]

Ever wondered how exactly a rose bud will turn into a beautiful rose? The process happens so slow that we do not really get to see it. Advanced photography techniques like time-lapse recording have given…

15 Astounding Pictures of Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal in HDR

This is the most famous picture of Taj Mahal taken using HDR Photography. The picture was carefully timed to capture the hues of blue and red on either side of the Taj.

15 Awesome Penguin Pictures

Penguins are aquatic birds that cannot fly. They are mostly found in the Antarctic region. Penguins are interesting species for their shape, colors and living style. They spend half of their life in water and rest on…

10 Dramatic HDR Clouds

HDR Clouds

Clouds are the obvious best choice for HDR photography. They offer a wide range of red and grey shades that are perfectly suited for high dynamic range photography. Here we show you 10 dramatic HDR…

Creatively Photographed Peacock Feathers

Creatively captured peacock feathers in vibrant colors. You will find naturally photographed as well as those clicked under interesting lighting conditions. Peacock Feather by Bill Gracey