Beautiful Pictures of Smiling Boys

Boys too can smile beautifully. Usually smiles of boys have a touch of naughtiness in them. It really takes effort to get the boys smile innocently and whole heartedly. While it is easy to get the small boys to smile, the grown ups really test the patience of the photographer :) Today we show you some really beautiful pictures of the smiling boys from tender ages to grown ups.

Clicking on the image will open high resolution picture where available.

San Francisco Bay Area: Spring 2007: Liam

Regard enfantin

Sunshine Smiles!


Did you smile today?

steamy bath

Little Mozart




happy little boy

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Free happy smiling baby face stock photo Creative Commons


Portrait with cap



Maputo Boy

Maputo Boy II

Carter Smiling

Raphael Francis

Blue eyed Baby boy


he just finished the back nine.

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